Practical Investigation (Assessmnent Task)

The Task

You will work in designated groups of three to design an experiment involving a plant response to an external stimulus (either light or gravity). Make sure you keep your hypothesis clear and simple so you are able to complete the investiagtion.

The Groups

Group 1
Eleni, Sharmony and Jennifer
Group 2
Natalija, Olivia, Vanessa
Group 3
Jacqueline, Maria, Nikki
Group 4
Georgia, Melanie B, Ashlee and Stephanie
Group 5
Rachel, Ivana and Caitlin
Group 6
Laura, Emily, Samantha
Group 7
Zacquiline, Sofia, Melanie P

The scientific methodology


In the first step of Observing and measurement you need investigate the task and identify an appropriate research question.

Once you have identified a research question you need to form a hypothesis.

One you have an idea you can begin Planning&Executing your investigation.

The final step is Analysis and Reporting.

You will be given seeds, containers and potting mix (germination or ordinary mix). If you need any other resources you need to let me know..

The Assessment



Plants in motion

If you want to go down the path of the unknown

Where's the water? Hydrotropism