For Holiday Homework you completed the following tak

In clas we will go through the following handout. Please note there are two different classification systems that we are going to look at
1. The new system based on the 3 domains and was developed by using commonality in DNA sequencing
  • Bacteria
  • Archea
  • Eukarya
2. The old sytem classified by characteristics and traits in living and fossil evidenced and modified with new findings in DNA structure called The Five Kingdoms.
  • Monera or Prokaryotae
  • Protista
  • Plantae
  • Fungi
  • Animalia
Look at the following powerpoint and take any extra notes required.

Use the following PowerPoint and pp 217-219 to summarise information about classification using the 5 kingdoms. You may want to summarise this on page 220 of Biozone (optional).

Complete following Biozone
  • Classification System p 221-222
  • Features of the Microbial Group p223
  • Features of Fungi and Plants p 224
  • Features of Animal Taxa p225-226

Complete the following classification Keys
  • Classification Keys pp227-228
  • Key to Australian pp 229
  • Keys given out in class.